Daily retaining to
be gained again.

อาการที่ร่างกายอยู่ในท่าใดท่าหนึ่ง คือ ยืน เดิน นอน นั่ง
Body language in stand step sleep sit movement

Every movement of body is a part of life, so does the method of retaining it to be gained again. The suitable methods for specific muscle a re applied in order to refresh, revive and reboot among unruffled IRIYABOD place in casual Thai IRIYABOD way.

Place and Way

IRIYABOD place is arranged to reserve tranquil space where is suitable to calm both body and mind. Surrounded with local Thai surroundings, the place is friendly for the guests from faraway land and homeland.

IRIYABOD way provides well-designed methods that are adapted in various ways of massage. Getting deep down in relaxation or rehabilitation, welcomed guests will be friendly treated to press all the trigger point of muscles away with ultimate daily retaining. If you live your life everyday, why don’t retain it right too?


Every movement of body is a part of life, so does the method of retaining it to be gained again. In the routine life of living: stand, step, sit and sleep, the daily massage has a gentle way to grant the better health.

This is and image of sleeping people


Sleeping is relaxing, isn't it? Sleeping every night brings both sweet dreams and nightmare. Sleeping will be worse than nightmare if it causes the tomorrow pain. Sleeping might cause the nightmare while wide awaking, but there is a way that can chase the nightmare away.

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Stepping is a basic movement to make yourself free to go anywhere. Stepping is inevitable way in order to move forward. Stepping too much slightly presses the stresses in your body. Stepping too much in a routine movement might cause the pain, but there is a way to flee it away.

This is and image of sleeping people


Standing is a posture to mark your place. Standing is not always a balance pose. Standing in wrong balance makes your body cry for rebalancing. Standing in wrong balance without noticing stress your whole body, but there is a way that will not block the place where you are standing.

This is and image of sleeping people


Sitting is like taking a break sometimes. Sitting while working too long is certainly hurt because your body cries. Sitting still in the same place presses the stresses without moving. Sitting is relax, but it might cause the causes that need to be lessen.

"I had the most amazing experience! I had Ann and she was able to accommodate my larger size! Not only is it a back massage but a front and back leg massage, upper body and head and neck. The most relaxing experience but with some pain that leaves you feeling extremely rejuvenated after! Thank you for an incredible experience! "

Pamela Nicole

"Relaxing, detail oriented Got two massages there. Loved it the second i got in. Peaceful, calm, relaxing ambiance with warm and professional staff. The music, the modern lay out, the tea at the end: everything is made for you to have a relaxing experience."

Charles M

"This place is fantastic and it's connected to Once Again Hostel. The stuff is very warm and welcoming. We did the standard traditional Thai massage and it was FANTASTIC!!! The place is clean, with a chill vibe and beautiful energy. I'm so coming back again before I leave Bangkok. "

Alex Albadree
Dear Guest who has been too hard with your feet
Relaxing with a good tea after a great massage in Bangkok!
In the aromatic IRIYBOD treatment space
The hidden place at Once Again Hostel!
Let's get some morning treat :)
Feet sometimes cried! Let's take care of them